Design Happens

Lately I've been looking back over the past few years and trying to remind myself how far I've come, especially as a designer. As a recent college grad it can be incredibly discouraging to continuously receive rejection emails from companies. It's frustrating not being able to break into an industry that you spent the last 4 years learning the ins and out of. So every now and then I take a step back and look at where I was just 3 years ago. 

To be honest, 3 years ago I wouldn't have even called myself a designer. I was a student and completely incompetent when it came to design. I had changed my major after my first semester and barely got my feet wet in the design department my first year. I spent that first summer out of school watching youtube tutorials and fumbling my way through Illustrator. I don't think I was very successful at teaching myself so shoutout to art school. 


I found this photo on my computer the other day of my first attempt at logo design (its not even a saved file because of 1. how bad it is and 2. I don't think I even knew what a JPEG was). It's pretty terrible, I know but thats exactly where I was in my design career 3 YEARS ago!! That's crazy to me. 

When I went back to school my second year I was ready to hit the ground running. I knew I had a lot to learn and I was excited to learn it. I didn't quite understand how much time I would spend "learning how to be a designer" before I was actually at a place where I was able to design with creative freedom. But I'll never forget that feeling when my work went from just trying to meet the requirements of a project to actually executing creative ideas.

Fast forward a few years, I took another stab at that logo. I laugh because I've come so much further in those years than I give myself credit for sometimes. Even though post grad life has been tough, I've gotta believe that I'm tougher. If I can go from having absolutely no idea what I'm doing to actually making money as designer in just a few years, I can only imagine how much more I'll grow over the years to come. 


Special shoutout to my mom for letting me use her business as my design guinea pig. Check her out @fithappensfitnessstudio