Main Street Muskogee

If you've ever heard Merle Haggard's classic song "Okie from Muskogee," you've heard that the people of Muskogee Oklahoma are proud of their roots. As one of Oklahoma's oldest town's, Muskogee is full of culture and innovation. Main Street Muskogee is a non-profit that is committed to maintaining the heart and soul that makes its downtown so unique. 

I partnered with the organization in 2017 to create a new logo identity that would be more reflective of the vision and mission of Main Street Muskogee. I wanted to be sure we were able to capture the history and culture of this town that is close to my heart. 

After a few revisions, we were able to settle on a mark that had layers of significance to Muskogee. The overall shape was inspired by the old neon signs that can be seen throughout downtown. The sides of the mark are derived from an important piece of Muskogee, which is the arched sign that can be seen when entering the downtown area. We also gave the logo a color update and more modern font. 

After the success of the new logo, we decided to partner together again to create the new Main Street Muskogee website. With so much to show about this exciting town, we worked to create a layout that was easy for visitors to navigate and quickly find information. On the site you will find: exciting places to go, events happening downtown and much more!

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