Since 2006, (RED) has been spreading awareness for HIV/AIDS by partnering with brands and coloring their products red. For this project, my classmates and I pulled three brands from hat and each chose one to pair with the (RED) campaign. 

The brand I chose to explore for this project was LUSH. LUSH is an organic cosmetic brand, known for their natural ingredients and social activism. To kick off this project, I started with an audit and visualization of the brand. In order to gain deeper understanding for how the LUSH brand might develop this part


Once I had a solid understanding of both of the brands, I started exploring way to create a realistic partnership between the two. The LUSH brand is typically known for their minimal packaging and eccentric products. Since this was a packaging design project, I needed to find a way to keep the LUSH brand intact while uniting it with (RED). 

I started with the idea of a gift box that when purchased would donate half of the proceeds to (RED). LUSH often releases boxes bundling special products and offers, so I though this would be a good way to keep continuity with the brand. The first design concepts were a little boring since there is only so much you can do with a box. I explored different ways to make the packaging more interesting. I hit a chord with this project when I realized most of the packaging for LUSH resembles that of food packaging. Once I found that inspiration the project began to take form. 

 From there, I began to piece together the project both physically and digitally. With the idea of "food packaging" in mind I located a biodegradable take out box that went along with the brand values of LUSH. I decided to create a belly band that was minimal and showed the paring of the two brands. Inside I created a touch card explaining the partnership and impact of the (RED) products. I also created a tissue paper pattern to bring the whole package together. 


The final product was a full physical mock up - both bombs and all. The box is roughly 8" by 10". The belly band wraps around and slides off to reveal the product inside. On top is a 3" by 5" touch card. Under the card are two special (RED) bath bombs, wrapped in the LUSH (RED) patterned tissue paper. 


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