Paula Scherbet

If you've been in the design world long enough you've probably heard of Paula Scher or at least seen her work. Paula's work has left its mark all over New York City. From Citi Bank to the Public Theatre, her bold designs are around every corner. Paula's creative expression was the inspiration for this project. After exploring her work and learning more about Paula's personality, I decided to honor her with a sweet treat: Scherbet. 

The process of this project began with an exploration of Paula's work and personality. After watching the Netflix original Abstract, which features an episode following Scher's life as a designer, I was able to grasp a better understanding of her. I then turned to the internet to find samples of her designs and articles honoring her work. I used this to develop a concept that was inspired by her life and honestly a perfect play on words. 


The piece that specifically inspired my designs was the Public Theatre's 2016-2017 season graphics, which can be seen above on the far right. The designs feature Paula's famous style of incorporating bold type in fun and unique ways. I used the shapes and the elements of white and color on a black background as the basis for my designs. 


I picked an ice cream container because I thought it could be an interesting exploration of how type and form could interact. The name Scherbet just came naturally as I began to develop the concept. I loved the idea of incorporating Paula's designs but also creating something that I felt reflected her as a designer.


In my final design solution, I wanted to use the starburst shape as the main element, accompanied by the bold typography. I tried to explore how the typography could work in relation to the the graphic elements. I felt that using black as the background was an effective way to allow those elements to stand out.

To see the final renderings of Paula Scherbet, click here